Glasson, The Docks c.1950
Photo ref: G260004
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This view shows the main dock, with the River Lune beyond. Our photographer is standing on the bridge over the lock which separates the dock from the Lancaster Canal basin. At the time of our photograph, ship repairing was still going on at Glasson, and the graving or dry dock was still in use. We see behind the dock a busy little port, though it was mostly used by coasters and Irish cargo boats.

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I was born in 1949 and grew up on Victoria Terrace. The picture of Victoria Terrace has special meaning to me, upon closer inspection I noticed my mum scrubbing our front door step, this she did daily along with the strip of pavement in front of our door. I lived in village until I married in 1969. How the old place has changed over the years, I remember walking through the fields to school, in their place now are ...see more