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Caption for Gloucester, The Docks 1912: Here we see the Gloucester and Sharpness steam packet office outside Warehouse Number 1 on the left. A pleasure steamer is moored in the foreground; it would take Sunday revellers out on afternoon voyages at the time of this photograph. A pleasure boat builder was located at Westgate Bridge at this time. Note the person working on the packed barge on the right - the distinctive hat could mean that he was a seaman from Asia working from the barge, or maybe he was a lighterman.

An extract from Gloucester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Gloucester, the Docks 1912

I am certain the steamer is 'Sabrina' built in 1870 and was the steam inspection launch of the Directors and Engineer of the Gloucester and Berkeley Ship Canal, Gloucester. In 1912 'Sabrina' was owned by the Dock Company and did not leave their service until 1942. 'Sabrina' is still in regular use now on the River Thames and still in steam.

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