Great Yarmouth, Market Place 1908

Memories of Great Yarmouth

Fond memories of the snails and the tubs.

I have recently discovered, from the 1881 Census, that my great-grandmother was, with her younger sister, in domestic service to the family of Henry Stonex at no.35 Regent Road.He is described as 'organist and music teacher'. I would be thrilled to have any more information about the family or the house itself. Does it appear in this picture? Is the boy with the goat-cart delivering something?

I too had an aunt who lived there.  In its time, it has had a house on top of the tower and a house on the wall attached to the left.  The house on top by then had disappeared. Through the archway was a line of small cottages with large front gardens.  This was known as Adam and Eve's Gardens.  I used to go through here (...Read full memory)

I also remember this tower as my Great grandmother, Elizabeth Welham lived under the tower when I was a boy. This would be in the late 1940's/ 1950's. The door to her rooms was just inside the archway and you would take one step down into a small kitchen. It was very dark inside, but homely as granny always cooked (...Read full memory)

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