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Memories of Haddenham

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In 1944 three brothers were evacuees in Haddenham, we lived with an old couple named Mr and Mrs Saw in a house, I think it was named Dolly Cote House next to a farm, this was a long time ago but one thing I know is that one of my boots is in Banks Pond as my brother put it in there, if Banks Pond has not been drained it has been in there for 67 years! One of the best two years of my childhood.

A recent visit to Haddenham reminded me of earlier visits to the monthly ceileidhs with Whitethorn Morris. More than 20 years ago I made my first visit to Haddenham and I remember leading the Whitethorn Band on my accordian for the interval entertainment spot in the crowded ceileidh. Just this (...Read full memory)