Halifax, Manor Heath Mansion c.1957

Memories of Halifax

I can remember going to visit a lady who lived in the corner house here. It always fascinated me that she had a clock on her mantlepiece with a lady that sat on a swing that used to swing back and forward.

Being born and raised in Halifax I remember how grim it was to live there. However, one of the places I enjoyed and still enjoy when I re-visit, is the covered market. The bustle, the wonderful smells, the variety...I have not seen anywhere else quite like it. And the fish teacakes from Illingworth...mmmmmm. The town (...Read full memory)

Charles Wilson Aked b.1859 was joint proprietor of this mens' outfitters shop. He had married Florence Edna Wadsworth in 1895 and they had 2 daughters Florence Gertrude and Constance, later Mrs Cockcroft. Charles sister Kate Helena Aked had married James Mitchell my grandfather and had an (...Read full memory)

My Dad was born and lived in Halifax. When he was young a family firm which had a stall in the market hall delivered a fish speciality on bicycles with baskets. We all called it "Halifax Fish" and it was a piece of haddock in a round patty covered in batter. They were sold cold and could be eaten cold or (...Read full memory)

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