Halifax, Manor Heath Mansion c.1957

Memories of Halifax

I remember going to Palins dance hall, I remember going to the cinema, but I do not remember the name of the cinema, it was near Bank Top, they used to play Telstar, as I said, my memories or skeche,

I used to live just off Commercial Road on Gibson Street in the 1950s. The houses were very basic with a living room, a bedroom, attic and cellar. We shared a toilet with another family which was at the end of the terrace. I went to Pellon Lane junior school, and I played on what we localy called the 'back (...Read full memory)

I can remember going to visit a lady who lived in the corner house here. It always fascinated me that she had a clock on her mantlepiece with a lady that sat on a swing that used to swing back and forward.

We always met outside the Halifax Building Society Head Office on Commercial Street and we would say "meet you outside the bank".

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