Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Memories of Halifax

I remember walking past the bowling alley and the sound of Pet Clarks "Downtown" coming from somewhere, I am almost certain it was from the Alley. We were on our way to Calines Supermarket if I rember right, underneath the Accapulco night club. It was amazing, it had automatic sliding doors. When you stood on (...Read full memory)

I remember going to Palins dance hall, I remember going to the cinema, but I do not remember the name of the cinema, it was near Bank Top, they used to play Telstar, as I said, my memories or skeche,

As a child we used to return in the car down the hill towards North Bridge and the game was to be the first to spot Wainhouse Tower amongst all the other mill chimneys there were at that time (late 50s/early sixties). A bit like spotting Blackpool Tower when you went there. The other things we used to say (...Read full memory)

In the late 1950s I used to live in the Drying Houses Old Lane Halifax with mam and dad and sister Sheila. I went to saint Thomas Moore's School and at the beginning of each new term we had to stand up and call out our address I hated it as everyone would snigger at the name Drying Houses. The Drying Houses have been demolished years (...Read full memory)

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