Old Maps of Handforth

Historic Maps of Handforth and the local area.

My family (Brown) have lived in Handforth till 1995, over 300 years! I (Susan) used to live at 47 Wallingford Road in one of the prefabs, with the air raid shelter in the garden!! I can remember Mr Jones lived opposite. He made me a huge teddy bear and then there was the Randles family. Old Mrs Randles taught me to pod peas and (...Read full memory)

Yes, I remember those things mentioned by Tony Barker. We lived at 38 Wallingford Road from 1939 to 1943, went to the same school and the same church so probably knew each other. I can remember playing in the street as there were no cars around during the war, and we used to play in the fields (...Read full memory)