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Memories of getting the tube from Arnos Grove to Rayners Lane and then the long walk up Imperial Drive - until reaching the driving centre. The set up included traffic lights, zebra crossings, roundabouts, parking spaces, parked cars and a class room. Inside, a cut in half mini - showing you all the workings of the engine and steering - looks like someone had cut it open in length - ...see more
Back in my very early days as a rep for a greeting card company called Rust Craft one of my North London accounts was Universal Stationers in Harrow. My store contact was the redoubtable greeting card department manageress, Mrs May Fernyhough! Happy days!
Unfortunately, I have never stayed at the beautiful Harrow. But I'm very interested in Harrow because I'm looking for a house where the German filmdirector and producer Frederick (Friedrich) Zelnik and his wife, the actress Lya Mara, lived. They probably built their own house in Harrow in 1936. I have taken this from the "Reports oft the Town Planning Committee" of December 3, 1935. Under "Name of ...see more
Does anyone remember the driving centre near Rayners Lane during 1970's, it was an off road driving centre offering theory and practice to under 17's, I and many friends attended a course here before having proper lessons. I believe it was an innovation of its time, sadly no longer there.
My husband lived at the above address from about 1938 until 1955. I would dearly love to find a photo of his house. He lived opposite the Dominion Cinema and remembers that during the war the lights went out and how excited he was when the lights came back on after the war. Next to where he lived was a sweet shop. Prestcot or Preston maybe the name. They lived upstairs. A bomb fell a couple of houses up from ...see more
I was at the prep school from 47 to 51 and then moved to the senior school. John Vivian Keith Marshall Stephen Impey and Geoffrey Ellis amongst many others were all in the same forms as me during that time. Mr Gobles took over some time in the fifties and the school went down hill then. I learnt later that he moved to be head of Hendon air college, or whatever it was called. Someone mentioned Universal Stores in Harrow. Ii ...see more
My Mum would always take me to Harrow with her to shop. I always remember this building as it was so big in my little eyes, and was next to the car park where my mum would alway park. We would take a visit to the shops oppositve especially Sopas now Debenhams, as that was always my mums favourite shop. I always used to wonder who used to work in those buildings, I never have been in this ...see more
I was born in Welldon Crescent in 1946 and lived there for over 20 years. My uncle worked as a french polisher for J. Sainsbury and was often working at the Harrow shop. I'm now living in Cyprus and have become friends with a lady whose maiden name was Spivack. I seem to remember a Spivack Jewellers in Harrow. Or is my memory playing tricks?
My wife Ann lived at 134 Preston Road, sadly no longer a 4 bedroom house. She moved there in 1962 and we both lived with her parents when we married in 1966; before we moved to our own home in 67. I remember that sometimes, before we married, if I missed a bus or train I would have to walk home to Camrose Avenue, Queensbury, it took about an hour. In the picture shown was a sweet shop on the right side just before the ...see more
Harrow was actually very pleasant then!