Old Maps of Helperby

Historic Maps of Helperby and the local area.

I don't have a memory, but I am researching the Lamberts' family tree and my dad Alfred Horace came from Helperby and his father was the village bobby, his name was David Lambert and he married a Mary Elizabeth Hicks, all I know is he lived in the main street in Helperby, his birth was 1851. I think he also worked in the (...Read full memory)

I have just moved in with my fiance at Woodland's House on Main Street in Helperby. His birthday is coming up and I was looking for a unique gift. I thought some old photos or building plans would be interesting for both of us. I know the house has been a pub, a bicycle shop, a general store, and also had a petrol pump out front. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa