Heywood, The Station Platform c.1910

Photo ref: H228306M

Memories of Heywood

My great memories of the summit, known because of the summit pub, my grandad's local, what a great place to live, open fields, good neighbours. My gran and grandad moved there in 1936, a house full of love and laughter. Me and mum lived there with her 8 brothers and sisters, Saturday nights were card night. I remember Piggots (...Read full memory)

I visited Heywood in November 2010, to see for myself the area where my family originated sometime in the 1600's. I know that was a long time ago, but, I swear, when I walked up Bury New Road to the top of Summit and then ventured into the farmer's field (that borders the Lower Lomax Farm) I could feel the connection (...Read full memory)

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