Hillingdon, The Parade c.1960

Memories of Hillingdon

I lived in Hillingdon from the 1960 to 1975 before moving abroad, I came back and married in this church in 1981.(it is 2018 now and i am still married). I live in Scotland now and have not returned for many years. Hillingdon being so near the airport means that it has changed beyond recognition. I loved the (...Read full memory)

My family lived in Hillingdon from the beginning of ww2 until 1953 when we moved from Biggin Hill. Our first home was a top floor flat in Pinewood Ave which was not ideal for a family with 4 children and then Grandmother descended on us with her 2nd husband. Amazing to think of todays children being (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the arcade just past the Savoy cinema after Vine Street. It had a cafe in the centre, a model shop, pet shop, wool shop and music shop. Just opposite was the old National Provincial Bank; renamed when the Westminster Bank took it over. My favourite shop was down by the Regal, it was called Percy's, it was (...Read full memory)

Hello Hillingdon! My Grandfather lived in Hillingdon, in the 1967-8 years in Tudor Road, Hayes End area. I was wondering if anyone out there would have known him? His name was George Charles Copley, and was working in the printing trade, at Watford in his time, but has passed on now. I would dearly like to (...Read full memory)

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