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Caption for Horam, The Post Office C1955: The 'Cuckoo Trail' for cyclists, walkers and the disabled connects Horam to Heathfield and Polegate via the route of an old railway. Old industries in the area were iron ore mining and brickmaking, which is expected to be revived soon. Horeham Manor is noted for making Merrydown vintage cider. The village sign is in the left foreground of the picture. Passengers board the route 91 Southdown bus, en route from Uckfield to Eastbourne.

An extract from Villages of Sussex Photographic Memories.

Memories of Horam

1946. When the war ended and my father came home, my parents brought me to Hiram from Bournemouth to see his parents. They lived in one of the small cottages just up from the hotel on the heathfield Road, on the opposite side from where Don Cockell lived a little later. After that I went to stay with some friends or relatives, I’m not sure which, at a holding a Maynard Green. Tony Mesher

I remember going to this Church as a child. Cannot remember the Ministers name. I thought it was surrounded by more trees. I walked past this chruch many times on my way to visit friends further down the road.

Because of the grounds of Horeham Manor virtually all the shops were on the side of the road that is to the right in the photograph entitled "Horam, Main Road c1955". One exception can be seen in this picture, and I believe is still there now. It was a wooden structure, built (so I understand) by my late father and his (...Read full memory)

I remember this scene very well as I used to live a little way down the road to the right, on the way to Vines Cross. I lived there, in fact, until about 1967 when I went to study in London. My parents continued to live there until about 1986 when they moved first to Heathfield and then to Suffolk to be near me and my (...Read full memory)

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