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My name is Carol my memories of Blackhills Road Infant and Junior School which me and all my family attended have me many childhood memories.I remember my first day in Infant School once your mother dropped you into the yard there was painted a big white line the teacher's told you not to cross it (...Read full memory)

my dad fred hunter was the 1st cemetery suprintendant of horden cemetery ,my mam eva was a sherburn hill lass until marrying my dad and moving into the cemetery house ,I can recall my mam saying as we looked out of the house window ,youre dad barrowed every lot of top soil by hand to make this area he planted every tree by (...Read full memory)

I was born March 1947 in Guildford Surrey, my father was a serving soldier based in Aldershot. When I was two years old I was sent away to live with my fathers parents in Horden, "family politics". So here I am a grandchild with no siblings in a strange place and what a place no garden but a front step that was (...Read full memory)

Although I was born in Easington, my parents and I moved to Horden to live in the 'prefabs' at the Crossroads when I was four. I thought that the prefabs were great houses and was sad when my parents decided to move to the 'cottages' when I was nine. It seemed like a backward step to me - no (...Read full memory)

My father is from Horden, born 1928 November, had two step brothers. Johnson was my fathers name, Hill was his brother's, Singer he was and Naisbett was the other brother's name - all miners. My grandmother was a Johnson, my other Nana was an Edwards with children Lucy, Harry and Pearl. They lived in Cotsford Park, (...Read full memory)

In 1954 I was 10 and went to the junior school in Horden, then moved on to the Secondary Modern, where I learnt to play the violin, the music teacher was Mr Neal and the head master was Mr James. After leaving school I went down the mines which was the only option then. I was brought up by my grandparents, Peter and (...Read full memory)

Hi, my name is Lorraine, my surname was Humphreys at the time I spent my early childhood in Horden with my nana and grandad, both sadly gone now. I lived at 90 Seventh Street, I went to school on the top road we used to call 'the tin tops'. The girls I remember were Lesley Barron, Lisa Edwards, Linda Huntingdon to name a (...Read full memory)

When I was three we moved from Horden to Coventry, my father Reuben Dinning was a miner. My first memory was visiting my grandparents, Will and Lydia Martin. They lived at 2 Ash Crescent. I also remember holidays at Crimdon Dean. I was amazed to be able to see the sea from the landing window of my granparents' house. (...Read full memory)

I went to Horden Cross Roads Senior School and remember the view from the Class Room. It looked over the old Pit Head and allotments and I loved it. I once did a painting of it and I wish I had that picture now as it has changed so much. We used walk from school with my friends to the corner shop and then through the (...Read full memory)

Can anyone elaborate please, on the so called bloodstain on the roof near the spike? When I was young and living in Horden (late 1960s) I was told it had something to do with a young boy who climbed onto the roof to retrieve his lost budgie. Did anyone else hear this tale? And is there any truth in the rumour?