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I was born in 1928 at 20, Cotsford Crescent, the third son of a miner William Holmes. All his brothers were miners and myself and my brothers worked underground. I remember Lumleys shop as it was not far away and Mr. Lumley refused to sell me a penny box of matchs that my dad had sent me for as I was only six years old. It (...Read full memory)

I lived my first 17 years, from 1932, in Horden at the Trust Hotel and remember Lumleys store. I was an altar server at St Mary's around the early 1940s and the vicar at the time was the Reverend Walton. My sister Marion and brother-in-law Aubrey Wrathall were married there. Although I have been away for 60 (...Read full memory)

I was born in Horden in 1946 (Elizabeth Lumley) and my father (George Lumley) (and his father before him) ran Lumley's grocery store which was on the bank top (21 Beech Terrace - now a house but the United bus stop is still callled Lumley's) just after you enter Horden from Blackhall. We moved from Horden in 1954 when my (...Read full memory)

My mum was born in March 1931 in the Easington Colliery area, 26 Boyd Street, and was the youngest of 5.  All the men in the family were miners - they lived close to Easington and Horden for work. The two elder sisters, Doris and Greta (named after the Greta Bridge in Rokeby), were away from home for the latter (...Read full memory)

I am searching my dad's family. My dad's father William L Robinson died  of pnuemonia on 6th December 1924, when my dad was aged 1.  I understand that my grandpa lived in 7th street as a young man and worked as a Hewer. We have had no contact with Dad's birth family and would like to trace any relatives or ancestors of (...Read full memory)

Hi Kareen. I am interested in what you said about your mam and dad's burial and wedding. The wedding of your parents I'm sure was Rev W.H. Walton before he died. And when your father was buried in 1980 Fr Alan Bowser, I'm certain of this because I started serving on the alter around about that time. Hope I've been (...Read full memory)

My mother and father were married at this church on the 5th of March 1960 George Turnbull and Jaqueline Kell. Does any one out there know them? George Turnbull (THIS WAS AN UNCLE OF MY DADS WHO WAS NAMED AFTER HIM AND MY GREAT UNCLE) was buried from this church in 1982. This church still stands. I would like to (...Read full memory)