Hornchurch, The Windmill 1909

Memories of Hornchurch

I could go on and on with memories. Myself and my parents moved from London to Arbour Way, Elm Park on 24th August 1953. I went to Ayloff School from 1954-1960, when I left to go to Suttons Secondary. We moved to Elm Park because my dad worked at Murex in Rainham and it was a lot closer for him to get to (...Read full memory)

I attended Suttons Secondary School whilst living in Elm Park from 1946 to 1948, after that we moved to Scotland. I enjoyed Suttons and can remember several of the teachers. Mr Lovatt was the Principal, his secretary was Miss Swan (an attractive lady). Mr Ward, Vice Principal, taught us technical (...Read full memory)

Our house was in Northumberland Avenue and the park was at the end of my garden. My sister and I used to jump the little river over to the park most days after school. Lots of memories there, good to see the picture. I went back there two years ago - hasn't changed much.

I lived in Minster Way from 1947-58 in one of the bungalows in this photo - but there were trees along the front of the house by this time. I remember milk being delivered by horse and cart - the milkman would go quickly up and down the front paths to put the milk bottles at the door and call out to the horse when he (...Read full memory)

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