Hornchurch, The Windmill 1909

Memories of Hornchurch

My father used to run a shop in Hornchurch. I have lovely memories of those days, playing in what I think was an old quarry at the back of the shop. The lady who ran the sweet shop gave me a bride doll which I adored. Helping my dad pack the cardboard boxes for home deliveries. I have a photo of my twin (...Read full memory)

I will always have fond memories of the Dell as our scout hut was located there. Also I lived a few minutes walk away at Ravenscourt Grove. I moved there in 1948. The Dell was a boy's dream place to play in.

I was born in Oldchurch Hospital in 1943 and lived in Victor Gardens until I was married in June 1962. The garden of our bungalow (No. 22) backed on to Sibley, the butchers field, which we called " The Orchard". It was where the cattle grazed before slaughter. One of the slaughtermen used to give my mum some (...Read full memory)

I used to go to Saturday morning pictures and was on the committee to keep the children in line. We also had a choir, and we sung on the stage of Leicester Square Odeon. Then we had a Christmas Dinner. My friend Dierdre Esquilant also went.

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