Horndean, The Windmill c.1965

Memories of Horndean

The Red Lion in Horndean was run by the Edney family for over 110 years. In the 1841 Census Daniel Edney (previously of The Leopard, Purbrook) and his wife Charlotte are running the pub. When Daniel died in 1850 his wife Charlotte took over. She remained as Landlady until in her seventies her son Henry Tupper Edney (...Read full memory)

I am seeking help in identifying two soldiers recorded on the Horndean War Memorial. I have found the details of all of the others. I intend to publish the results of my research. The two men are recorded as follows Turner C G Larcombe F G (possible a Corporal) I believe that Mr Turner is Charles George 315153 (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1954 in Queens Crescent, Horndean, to Vera and Jim Thomas (both deceased), I had an older brother Roland (deceased). During the war my dad was in the Horndean Homeguard before being called up and my mum tried to join up under age and suceeded in the end. We moved to Drift Road, Catherington, in (...Read full memory)

I started school here in 1954, in the Infants class run by Mrs Pead, after 2 years I moved into the next door classroom which housed children aged 7 to 11. This class was run by Mrs Byrne the Headmistress, and later by Mrs Borrow part time. The Rector William Rees would come and teach 1 lesson a week, I remember throwing snowballs at him over the school front fence! I left in 1960.

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