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I have just come across your site and postcard of Newbigin Hornsea... The garage pictured on the left was owned by my grandad, Arther Sherwood (who was married to Doris). My dad, Peter Edwin Sherwood (their son) and his wife Pat took over the business in the 60's, I believe. My dad sold the business to Mr Presscott, a (...Read full memory)

I was there with my sister 1964-65 for around 2 month, then after we went home 2 more members of my family were in there. I remember all the children were taking into the school room, to the right of the massive staircase. Every child was doused with nit lotion weather they had nits or not, it ran down (...Read full memory)

I was in there at least twice. I was about 11yrs old. I was in for bed wetting. Don't know why it was necessary? I have some bad memories but I also met some nice people as well. I recall a nurse called sister Hartley. When she entered the dining room at breakfast time we all had to stand up and say good morning (...Read full memory)

My grandparents lived in Hornsea and my parents and I would always spend our summer holidays with them. Meeting up with many of my parents friends, we had a big changing tent on the beach, all the adults sat in a massive circle surrounded by windbreaks, while us kids had fun. When the tide went out, my dad and the other men (...Read full memory)

I worked as a pre student nurse at the children's home. We took children from the West Yorkshire area suffering from Asthma and Eczema. Children from the age of 2 yrs until 12 yrs. A very strict Matron, scary in fact. We would take the children down to the beach, very large old fashioned prams. I was not (...Read full memory)

Hell yes! still haunts me to this day, the cruelty and memories (locked away) horrific time as a 7 year old in the 60's, with psoriasis... being so very cruelly treated by certain staff here.. place from hell!

I still have nighmares from being in this hospital. I was there in 1967 for around a year. I have read other people's accounts of being there which brought back many more horrors. The staff were horrible and we were all terrified. Forcing us to eat scrambled eggs .make our own beds. All money sent from home was never (...Read full memory)

Are there any who remember the Ravenswood Children's Home on Cliff Road Hornea? I woul like to hear from anyone with knowledge of Ravenswood. Barry S Britzman

I read all the comments about this hospital that once was my heart goes out to you all .I'm researching about this place the lay out etc etc the staircase and the window at the top if the stairs is still here.also sometimes you can feel the sadness .but it is an amazing building .

I was at the home with my brother & sister we wer Ther cos our mam had just died I was 7 they put me in a strait jacket cos I was crying for my mam , I remember that play room with the black chimney sometimes it was lit n we got warm , I remember the nit lotion 2 boys with hardly any hair got doused in it Ther scalps got burnt , (...Read full memory)