Old Maps of Houghton Regis

Historic Maps of Houghton Regis and the local area.

I grew up in Houghton Regis in the 1960s, we were a big family, and seemed to go to all the schools, including Houghton Regis Upper, Northfields, Queensbury, Manshead. My dad moved there for work from London before I was born so it was all I knew. I remember long summers, walking over the fields to Dunstable, swimming (...Read full memory)

My name is Daniel (Danny) Cronin, the youngest of 5 and the only boy of Harry 'H' and Ann Cronin. My life began on the 27th of November 1970. My first place of residence was Recreation Road where I have broken memories of childhood play times with my sisters. As a big family we were lucky enough to be (...Read full memory)