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For well over 10 years now, we've been inviting visitors to our web site to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was when the photographs in our archive were taken. From brief one-liners explaining a little bit more about the image depicted, to great, in-depth accounts of a childhood when things were rather different than today (and everything inbetween!). We've had many contributors recognising themselves or loved ones in our photographs. Why not add your memory today and become part of our Memories Community to help others in the future delve back into their past.

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My memory of Tithe Farm is that on the 1891 census it is shown the abode of Ephraim Miles, my Great Grandfather. There were many people named Miles in Huntingdonshire/Bedfordshire, alot of them related to me albeit distantly. I have them in my family tree and the the places mentioned are, Eaton Socon,Little Stoughton Honeydon, Tempsford, Staploe, Yelling and many more

Chris Searle....many happy memories growing up in Houghton ..Ithink it was late 60s when we came here via kent /London...My first school here was Hillborough junior [GREAT PLACE] even with its outdoor pool bbbrrrrr...Would love to see some photos of it but alas cameras were expensive items back then, not something (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Houghton Regis in the 1960s, we were a big family, and seemed to go to all the schools, including Houghton Regis Upper, Northfields, Queensbury, Manshead. My dad moved there for work from London before I was born so it was all I knew. I remember long summers, walking over the fields to Dunstable, (...Read full memory)

I moved from London into 64 Leaf Road on 1st January 1961. We were offered the house because housing was very short in Southwalk, where we lived with my mum and dad. When we got there it was freezing, the roads were laid but there were no pavements. My husband and I had one daughter, and I was expecting my second child. (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in Houghton Regis on the second of June 1953 which you all know was Coronation Day. I was delivered at home with the help of Nurse Cox. I was the only girl born on that day, there were 3 boys born but they were born elsewhere. My memories are of the old farm on the green (...Read full memory)

We lived half way up the hill, you can just see my dad's motorbike and sidecar parked on our front garden. The council told him he couldn't park on there because he wasn't allowed to remove the privit hedge, so he dug them up and replanted them in old wooden ammunition boxes, so that every time he wanted to put (...Read full memory)

My memories start long before there was a Tithe Farm estate. In my time it was a farm and the footpath I used to go to school started there, it meandered al the way over the fields to Carcutt farm, where I lived all through the war years. I didn't leave Houghton Regis till 1963 to travel to Australia (...Read full memory)

I moved to Houghton Regis with my family in 1969 aged 6. Although my memories are not of Tithe Farm Road, I lived very close in Drury Lane from age 6 to 20, when I left for the Isle of Wight. My childhood there becomes more and more a fond memory, the older I get. What seemed to be nothing special at the time,now is a (...Read full memory)

My grandfather, George, was one of the Seaward Brothers Ltd, Builders, based in Limbury; the other brother was Frank. I used to visit the 'yard' with my dad, Keith who was the only son of George and his wife Lilian (Chandler), they also had three daughters, Molly, Cynthia and Moira. I used to go to Biscot (...Read full memory)

Hi, I'm John Fleming, I have very fond memories of living in Tithe Farm Road. Things are somewhat different there now. My school has long gone. I used to love music, and Mr Mark Wyatt has been my mentor for many years. I believe the Harvest Home pub is still there. I remember that since I was ten. Well. that's all, take care.