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I remember the Gem. My aunty Silvia lived a few doors down from there .I went to St Lenards School in 1953. We lived with my aunty who lived at 39 Princes Terrace .We then moved to West Parade on the sea front.There was a little shop near The Light Railway that used to sell small pots jam and if we had been good my cousins and myself were allowed to chose one to have for tea.

Not quite a historical memory. But only last year I began some serious searching into my father's mother's family. She died when he was a wee child, and he lost touch with her family. He is now 94 years old, and this year I decided to visit Kent and East Sussex to see if I could find anything about his family. Prior to (...Read full memory)

My grandmother, Kate Elizabeth Wicks, was born in Hythe on 16 June 1887. She was a Roman Catholic and attended the school run by The Austin Friars Church, in Hythe. They lived in Eltham. She married my grandfather on 18 August 1913 and the service was officiated by Father Richard A O'Gorman OSA. She (...Read full memory)

Pauline, your granddad was my great granddad I was very young when he died and just recall him. Granddad, your uncle, his car was a Austin Seven. Nan or auntie Hannah to you was a great lady I loved her dearly, Aunt Ivy and Uncle Les where always nice to us kids, Did your dad like bright colour shirts etc, and what about (...Read full memory)

My first holiday as I recall was at a caravan site called Willow Tree Farm. I think the site was at Peasmarsh on what I believe was the Burmarsh Road. The Prince of Wales pub was nearby but of no interest until I was much older! We used to run up the site to watch the trains go by and fish in the canal by the footbridge. Some (...Read full memory)

I too, stayed at this holiday home for children on the sea-front at Hythe in the late 1960's. The holiday was arranged by my primary school in the West Midlands, the home is no longer there. I believe it was owned and run by a London boy's organisation but was also rented by schools and organisations throughout (...Read full memory)

I was born at the hospital in Shorncliffe but lived first in the 'stone block' then in the tin town bungalows at Reachfields. All of the army families who lived there were happy as the bungalows were comfortable. Reachfieds was on the Dymchurch road, and just by a little railway bridge was The Gem run by Morris and (...Read full memory)

The original site of the School of Musketry is no more, having been demolished to make way for a modern supermarket, but I remember using the nearby army firing ranges. My first encounter was with 39 Signal Regiment in the late 1960's for our annual "Range Day", and the routine was to shoot the old 762 self (...Read full memory)

I can remember stayiing at a camp with wooden huts for children in the 1960s. My father died when I was nine and Notts. Social Services arranged for me and my brother to have a holiday. Although I was home-sick, I stuck it out for a week. My memories are a beach with stones, not sand, and it hurt (...Read full memory)

Now 92, I remember Mr Molyneux the Headmaster, Mr Castle, Geography, and Mr Biggs who took us Gardening on a plot at the back of the RH&D railway station. We had our shool dinners in a shed opposite the school. Oh! memories