Silver Jubilee

A Memory of Jaywick.

Jaywick has always been a very special place for me and most of my happiest childhood memories are from when my sister, myself, my parents and grandparents and our dog Sally would have our annual holiday there in the first week in June. We stayed in a lovely bungalow in Lake Way called 'Many Happy Returns' which we always called our Little Mauve House due to its colour. :)

One vague memory has suddenly come to me and I really don't know how accurate it is and wondered if anyone can help me with this. We were there in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee (I would have been about 7) and I have this memory of some kind of celebration or mini street party out on the road at Lake Way. I don't know if it was just my family but I seem to remember other children being there. Sadly most people who I could've asked for clarification are not longer with us so as a very long shot I thought I'd ask here. Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Nearly 40 years on I'm still drawn to Jaywick and each time I go I remember more and more wonderful memories. Sadly we stopped going when I was 10 after my granddad died but it was such a positive and happy part of my life that I will always love it.


With thanks to joware101 for this memory of Jaywick

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We used to stay at Happy returns in the 1960s. we stayed there with my parents and grandparents I think at the time it belonged to a friend of my great aunt. There wasn't a bath , but unlike a lot of the bungalows it did have an inside loo. The bungalow next door had a fantastic stained glass windows with a ship in it.
My grandparents (Violet and Fred Davis), Mother (Janet) and her aunt (my grandmothers aunt) Selma Bent and her son (Richard) all went on holiday to Jaywick in the late 1940s and very early 1950s - She remembered the concrete sea defences well. I did try to find the bungalow that they stayed in (it was borrowed for the week from a friend) and was apparently in a small quadrangle with a grassed area in the centre - I dont think this area was accessible by car so you walked to the quadrangle of bungalows. It was very basic but they had very nice holidays there. My grandfather had to also borrow a car to drive there - it seems strange now to think of someone lending a car for a week but was fairly common then. If anyone knows if any of the quadrangle bungalows have survived (i couldnt find it when I went to look a few years ago) I would be really glad to know.

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