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I was born and grew up in Kelsale. We lived at Rectory Cottages, my brother Perry and my parents, Pam and Aubrey Mann. My grandparents lived at Carlton and the family go back in both church registers to the 1600s. I loved reading Bernard, Brian and Ann's memories and remember the same characters as they do: Alfie Bedwell (...Read full memory)

I have very happy memories of Hazel and I looking after the Eight Bells for Jack and Sylvia when they went on holiday. This was for a few years in the late 60's and early 70's. Most sadly, my lovely wife Hazel, 'nee' Cook, died very suddenly just a year ago today, 26 March. My family came together with me last Sunday, 25 (...Read full memory)

I remember the church in the background of this photo, my mother and father and brother are all buried there now and I'll be visiting in May 2011, with my close friend Maxine. I used to remember a small bungalow there called Eastveiw in Kelsale. I also remember a gentelman named John White from the 1950s. I would like to say I'm (...Read full memory)

I don't know if anyone remembers us. My father was stationed at Bentwaters and he, my Mom, my two brothers and I lived in Kelsale for three years from 1967 through 1970. They were three of the best years of our lives. We loved living in Kelsale. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I was nine years (...Read full memory)

I was born and grew up in Kelsale and have known all the under named people at some stage. I am retired now and like Ann I am back living in Kelsale and have so many good (and not so good) memories I could relate about the village people and village life in the fifties. I agree with Ann that things have changed so much (...Read full memory)

I moved back to Hill House, with my brothers, Adrian, Anthony & Twins Russell & Howard. Micky , John & Julian arrived a few years later. I lived there untill 1963, when I got married, and moved to a flat at Kelsale court. I still live in the village of Kelsale. I have seen a message from Kathleen, I think her (...Read full memory)

I grew up on Church Lane. I had an auntie and uncle living on each side. We had a well for about 10 cottages. I know that the Lane has a different name now. My sisters and I used to play at the big white house at the top of the hill and in the churchyard. We went to the school in the Guild Hall until my sisters had to take a (...Read full memory)

Memories of dances at Leiston/Aldeburgh to the music of local band, The Rebels, with mates Steve Mew and Keith Tomblin. I worked at G.A. Hubbards as an aerial erector before moving to London, where I still live with my wife and 3 children. I remember the 8 Bells pub whose landlords were Jack & Sylvia Ford. My aunt & (...Read full memory)