Old Maps of Kendal

Historic Maps of Kendal and the local area.

When I was a toddler of about 3 in 1956/57 I lived with my parents and older sister, Susan, in a house at the top of Beast Banks called Cliffside. Behind us were the Serpentine Woods. One day I was out playing when my sister and her whole class came snaking through our garden after a nature walk in the woods. I was thrilled to see (...Read full memory)

I lived almost next door to Anchorite Well for many years until I left Kendal in 1969. The houses were occupied by Jenny Huck and the Hootons. The Hucks had one of the first colour televisions on the estate and I remember going to their house to watch an FA Cup Final in colour during the 1960's. I remember bringing a minnow (...Read full memory)