Killamarsh, Delves Road c.1960

Memories of Killamarsh

I was born on this road in 1957 at number 21 and well remember it looking like this for years as my friends and I grew up here. There were no hedges, or very few then, and I still remember the concrete posts with two strands of galvanised wire strung between them to mark boundaries of gardens and paths. The scene depicted here has (...Read full memory)

I was born and brought up on this road, living at number 26 from 1971 then moving across the road to number 39. Lots and lots of happy times here playing with friends and growing up at a time where neighbours helped each other out.

I left Killamarsh (50 Rectory Road) to live in nearby Swallownest in 1960 (age10). Sadly, I left some dear friends behind. Leslie Ellis, Peter Collis, Maurice? We called ourselves the Four Just Men after the TV program! Also neighbour Janice Hartley. Many happy memories of walking down to Cat Gallows, half way to (...Read full memory)

My grandparents lived at Norburn Drive and I spent many a school holiday there. I remember the huge back garden and my grandad growing runner beans and cucumbers. Would love to know how the house looks now.

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