King's Lynn, St Margaret's Church And The Shambles 1891

Memories of King's Lynn

Wonderful memories of Saturday morning pictures - we would all line up outside the Majestic Picture House as it was called and monitors would walk up and down the line to make sure we were not too noisy and kept us in our place, for sixpence  we would see cartoons and a feature film, cowboys or my favourite Flash Gordon, (...Read full memory)

My mother, before her marriage, lived with her parents at 2 Whitefriars Terrace, near Kings Lynn docks. Her father, Arthur Henry Drew, was master of a small coaster, the Lizzie and Annie, working along the east coast. She had a long working life, having been built in 1877, and was broken up in 1971. On our (...Read full memory)

On the 1st August 2006 I went to Kings Lynn for the first time since 1935, to visit St Margaret's Church. I was christened there 5th February 1935. My Grandfather lived at 14 Priory Lane Kings Lynn. Is there anyone who knew the Crook Family from that time? Noel Crook

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