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The A127 arterial road (in the foreground) was opened in 1925 by Prince Henry, and succeeded Wash Road as the main east-west route through Laindon. When the New Town was developed, it was realised that the arterial would limit the town's northward spread. Note the 'Cyclists Only' sign in the photo: cycle paths are by no means a recent idea.

Memories of Laindon, the Arterial Road and School Lane Crossroads c1955

This photo, not named, was of the School Lane (later Church Rd) crossing the Arterial Rd (later the A127). It was one of the few hard roads in common with Laindon High Rd, St Nicholas Lane, Pound Lane, Wash Rd and Basildon Rd, dating back to before the turn of the century, decades before the Arterial Rd, which it crosses, was built but which in this photo can be seen to having been dualised. ...see more

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