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Caption for Lancaster, The Castle Gateway 1896: The first castle at Lancaster was built by Roger de Poitou, though the massive stone keep was added about 1170. King John lavished money on Lancaster, building curtain walls, round towers and Hadrian's Tower. In 1322 Robert the Bruce sacked the town, but was unable to take the castle. Featured here is the gatehouse and flanking octagonal towers built by John of Gaunt, which stand over 60 ft high. It was built of stone salvaged from earlier structures, and equipped with a portcullis and machicolations.

Memories of Lancaster

How Lancaster beauty salon, David Frank, survived the recession of the early 1990s by putting their prices UP. My short video can now be seen on my YouTube channel at

My Great Great Grandmother Jane Oversby worked for a widow, Mrs Margaret Rossall, who lived at 10 Dalton Square, Lancaster. I visited Dalton Square and counted the houses from 2 - 9; then sent down the other side Numbers 11 onward. I could not find 10 Dalton Square until a local person told (...Read full memory)

For many years a horseshoe lay in the centre here. It was rumoured to be where John O'Gaunt's horse cast a shoe!

Proper name is the Royal Albert Hospital, not as we used to call the "looney bin". It is the second Asylum in Lancaster, the other being the Moor Hospital, or County Mental Institution. I worked in the kitchens here. A very spooky place full of gloomy atmosphere.

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