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Memories of Lancaster

Proper name is the Royal Albert Hospital, not as we used to call the "looney bin". It is the second Asylum in Lancaster, the other being the Moor Hospital, or County Mental Institution. I worked in the kitchens here. A very spooky place full of gloomy atmosphere.

M for "Malefactor" (evil doer). In Court an accused would have to swear on the Bible in right hand and hold up his/her left hand. If the Judge saw the brand, the punishment would usually be more severe.

The rightmost building was a Cinema, don't ever remember it being a church. There was a Methodist church just off camera to the left on Sulyard Street. Dr Ruxton's of course was empty from 1935 till the City Council made it into offices, not sure when - 1980's?

Cable Street of course from "Ship's Cable" street, there were shipyards here a long while ago, and ropeworks too.

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