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Posted to JSSC Latimer in 1962. One of the first RAF cooks to arrive and to take over the OR's Mess from the Army. It was my first time on a multi service camp, but not the last. I remember that there were very few buses into Chesham and no transport to the tube station in Little Chalfont. The co op hall in Chesham for the dances 4 (...Read full memory)

I was a member of the small printing unit at JSSC during my National Service. Our job was to print the material for the Combined Services Officers course on Atomic Warfare. The Officers were from all the Commonwealth countries and mostly from the higher ranks. The Commandant of the camp was Lt. Col Acland and (...Read full memory)

My army father was posted to the staff college in Latimer after his 3 years in the Korean war. One of the happier parts of my childhood in a lovely little rented cottage adjoining a farm with a big barn where we could play, there were chickens and horses for us to enjoy. Think it was on the road out of Chesham? School was (...Read full memory)

I joined the WRAC and was posted to JSSC in the beautiful village of Latimer in 1953, what a wonderful time that was. There were two of us arriving at JSSC on that April day and the first place we went to was the NAAFI. Up on the stage, were two soldiers playing music and one of them was the man I was to marry. I was (...Read full memory)

I was posted to the J.S.S.C., Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire from my regiment in Germany {15/19 Hussars} and I was there for two years {1966-8}. I still have vivid memories of my time there; the officers houses' I worked at, the picket room, the N.A.A.F.I., the barracks, and the many officers 'do's' in which most of the (...Read full memory)

I have some lovely nostalgic memories of the J.S.S.C Latimer, where I was stationed in 1952.  Most of the period I was a provost policeman.  There were 3 of us and a provost corporal, cpl Burrows, [I believe came from Wiltshire].  There was no R.S.M, but a warrent officer, [I forgot his name], also a camp commondant colonol (...Read full memory)

I was posted to Latimer in 1954 from Hadrians Camp, Carlisle, and after walking from Little Chalfont Station with full kit it was great to walk into the guardroom and have someone stick a mug of tea in my hand, Corpral Homer MM. I also remember CSM Wacky Jones Major "DEBBIE " (...Read full memory)

It was only two years or so, from 1959-61, aged 6-8, but it still seems as if the happiest period of my childhood in Latimer was one long, endless, glorious summer. My dad was in the army, in the King's Own Scottish Borderers, attached to the Joint Services Staff College there, now Latimer House, the conference (...Read full memory)

My memories are not of my own associations with Latimer, but I still feel a great affection for the place. When my grandparents got married in 1897 they went for a brief honeymoon in Latimer. My grandfather's aunt, Elizabeth Amanda Smith, had married the school master, Edward Stevens, and the family lived in the old school (...Read full memory)

When I arrived at Latimer I went to find the guard room, only to find they did not have one, only a picket room. I was then asked if I was married, and told that if not I would be by the time I left the camp, they were right. I think the chap in the picket room was called Chicko. I had a great time at the MT section, the WRAC (...Read full memory)