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Caption for Lavernock, St Mary's Well Bay C1965: 'Quick Mum, get the ice cream whilst there's no queue!' The much loved and heavily patronised refreshment kiosk was an obligatory port of call for all families enjoying a day out at the beach. Stories of the length of time spent standing in line at the height of the season have become part of local legend, but it was always worth the wait. A 'Wall's Sunspot' indeed!

An extract from Around Penarth Photographic Memories.

Memories of Lavernock

It is quite possible that the the little boy to the right in this picture is me at age six. My family used to stay at a friend's caravan in the park above the cliffs. During the summers of 1954 through 1958 we stayed there most weekends in the summer and even a few in the spring and autumn. St. Mary's Well (...Read full memory)

Bear Bum Bay as it was unusually known by my family for generations was a regular haunt by my family as long as I can remember. I have a photo of my grandfather with his parents at the beach taken in the 1920s in all their finest, with the pebble beach packed. I personally remember still going there in (...Read full memory)

I was 10 years old when I visited the hotel run by my father's cousin George Appleton. We were visiting from Cape Town South Africa. I virtually had the beach to myself during that time and had a wonderful time exploring, ever mindful however of the tides that came in and out. A magical time of fantasy and discoveries.

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