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I believe my grandfather's name is on a WW1 Memorial in Leadgate and I wonder why? His name was John James Eccles and he is also remembered on a Memorial of St Patrick's Dipton. Can anyone help with this or with photographs of the memorial please?

1948 and onwards; I have always lived in Leadgate - born in Ponthead or 'Shanghi' as it was known then (sorry to one of your readers who said Shanghi was the bungalows). I remember we had a sweet shop called Wintrels, it was nothing more than a little hut, but the best sweets ever. In the front street we had Co-op chemist on the (...Read full memory)

Leadgate will always be in my heart. Some of my happiest times spent in Geordie's cafe and playing football on a Sunday afternoon with some of the best lads ever. Silky, Tommy and Malcom Coates, Hat.(Kev Calcutt), Gats (Alan Robertson) tragically killed at the Iveston along with Cogy (Davy Calvert) in the early (...Read full memory)

I remember Leadgate way back in the 1950s. We were lads from Medomsley Edge Homes who went to the pictures there, I think the place was the "Roxy". We went to school with lads from Leadgate. Two of them I remember well - Malcolm Swinburne + Jimmy Gore. I think Jimmy lived opposite the Scout hut(that was). We often (...Read full memory)

I came to live at Leadgate when I was 12 years old and attended Leadgate Council School which was a large red brick building for infants and juniors, boys and girls. I was at the school for only 2 years, leaving when I was 14 years old. Those two years were good ones for me as I was fortunate to (...Read full memory)

I was born at Consett in 1926

I was born at Richard Murray Hospital at Shotley Bridge, County Durham on 09/07/1942. My parents Winnie and Jack Kershaw, my mam's maiden name was Burnhope and my dad's family were the Kershaws, lemonade manufacturers of Askew Road, Gateshead, as far as I can recall the Burnhopes had Leadgate (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1964 in Richard Murray Hospital Consett and lived with my mum Margaret and grandmother Milly in St Ives Road, Leadgate. My grandmother Milly and grandfather Charlie Faragher had lived at 45 St Ives Road since they married, my grandfather was the St Ives Church Organist and he also installed the (...Read full memory)

I had lived in Leadgate since birth back in 1982 when we used to live on Dunelm Way. Back then Leadgate was a quiet little friendly village where everybody knew everybody. My Dads (David Parkin) half of the family lived close by and i remember going to my Grandma & Grandad's every saturday for tea on Dunelm Close. The shops (...Read full memory)

Welcome to all. Most of my life was spent in Leadgate where I enjoyed living. I moved to a beautiful village called Milborne Port near a nice town called Sherborne in Dorset. I am married to a beautiful women called Caroline who came from Farmborough. I have worked for a construction firm in Yeovil for 25 years. I did (...Read full memory)