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Caption for Lechlade, Riverside Tea Gardens C1955: The warehouse on the right is now the Riverside Free House, but it and the dock reflect the commerce that made Lechlade a prosperous medieval town, where wool and cheese were loaded onto barges for shipment down river. Nowadays the fields to the far left are a leisure yacht park - yachts are the river's modern traffic - and the tea garden in the middle distance has long gone.

An extract from Down the Thames Photographic Memories.

Memories of Lechlade on Thames

I attended The Convent of St. Clotildes Girls School in late 1990 to early 1992 (classes 3A and 4B) whilst I was 12 to 14 years old -- one of many Canadian girls who were at school as our parents attended RMC Shrivenham. I was a day student and my family lived nearby in (...Read full memory)

This is not really a memory but more of an ask; I have a relitave that was born and lived in Fyfield/Lechlade by the name of James Richard Hall, he was a local herdsman on a farm and was born in 1921 and I think, died in 1979. Any info or memories of him would be great as I am trying to do my family tree. Thanks.

I was at the Convent when this picture was taken. In the foreground you can see the tennis courts. Our dormitories were on the 'Top Landing', the windows you can see on the second floor. The Convent was run by the order of St Clotilde and was started by Mere Fontaine in Paris to look after the orphaned children of the (...Read full memory)

I have horrendous memories of my time at St Clothilde School, from 1979-1986. My contemporaries were lovely, but the nuns were warped, and seemed to delight in public humiliation, and denial of the real world's existence. I had a truly horrific experience in their hands, I think because I (...Read full memory)

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