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I use to be there in 1964. My name is Jacqueline beckett then . I remember a girl next to me name ugen and a boy name michael.he was quite tall. And a small boy name lesley he had red hair .he was my mate as well .anymore out there please contact I'd love to chat with

i was born in 1932 in malmesbury rd Canning Town in a house backing on to the railway goods and shunting yards. This provoked battle between the shunting locomotive firemen and my mother drying nappies on a clothes line on the other side of a brick wall. Our shopping was done at Rathbone street market which ment (...Read full memory)

I used to live at Catford and my parents lived across the road to me, through out the summer holidays we could get cheap train travel, so we used to go to westgate, with the children, oh oh where has that cheap travel gone. this was about 1975. And my sister used to join us as well, we found a way to keep the children (...Read full memory)

My name is Mark McCabe I grew up in west Leamington , best years of my life ,moved a couple times eastfields, white street , sandfieds, I also moved to market Lavington for a while, the best was highlands farm outside village brilliant years there where , bloody hard winters no heating , grew up quick learnt (...Read full memory)

My parents came from Nottingham to open a shop in The Gounce mum hated the change to live in then the relatively quiet Cornwall .Next to us was Burrells Stork café owned by Sid Burrell. our rented flat is still there next to the three shops the third of which we rented from him. We had the Palace cinema for (...Read full memory)

I was at park hall camp from 8th March 1954 Don't remember much about it as I,m 81 But I was wondering if anyone from my intake has any photos of our passing out parade , Sure would be grateful for any,,,,,,I am Bill. Jolley. From Wigan At.

I went to the grammar school in 1960 I think. It was the last year that it occupied the old building in Coalville, a beautiful building unfortunately already too small to accomodate all pupils. The first year were sent to an old school in Griffydam and the second year to an old school in Whitwick. I was pleased to go (...Read full memory)

During the late 1880's my great grand father Thomas Sampson Lancaster farmed and raised his family of ten children in Hockley Heath, and Umberslade Church was their local place of worship. There are now many grave-sites of the Lancaster Family in the Church Yard. My family moved to (...Read full memory)

I attended Suntrap School in 1963, suffering from asthma. I was Maureen Bailey then and I was 13 years old. I remember Sue and Sandra, and my main friend was Mary. I remember the dormitory, the dining room (there was a lad named Tommy on my table) The Matron was Miss Stout, Miss Phillips was one of (...Read full memory)

I was born at 171 Church Street, where the East Marsh flats now stand. My father worked on the docks at New Holland, so when I was a few weeks old my mother took me there to join him in Manchester Square. In 1953 my father - William George John Baker fell from a railway wagon and hit his head on the railway lines. He (...Read full memory)