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Memories of Lee on the Solent, Lee Tower c1955

The Tower also had a bowling alley and the restaurant was a Chinese.  As a teenager I worked up enough courage to ask a girl for my first dance at the Tower's ballroom.  We used to park our motorbikes outside the "Bluebird Cafe" opposite and had the odd pint of scrumpy cider for Dutch courage.  I was very sad to see the Tower demolished as it had everything a teenager needed for a good night out.

Interesting seeing the comment about Lee Tower Ballroom, I also have many memories as my Dad played in the Tower Band. The band was Bert Sharps Band and my Dad was Harry Weston, Tenor Sax and Clarinet. If my memory serves me well, the drummer was an ex-Marine bandsman called "Nobby" who I sometimes sat with as a (...Read full memory)

My Dad also played with Bert Sharp at the Tower Ballroom. He was Ron Eames and played the drums, this would have been in the 50's as my parents were living at Fareham at the time and they would cycle to Lee as my Dad kept his drums at the tower. Bert Sharp played the double bass and then carried on playing with (...Read full memory)

stationed at hms. ariel (radio school attached to hms daedalus)in 1953 went dancing in the Tower ballroom every wednesday night...wonderful place! met my wife there ! at that time she lived at sarisbury green and had to leave the dance early to catch the local bus sarisbury green via titchfield I (...Read full memory)

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