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Caption for Leicester, The Town Hall C1955: Thirty years prior to the building of the new Town Hall, Leicester was in a dreadful sanitary condition, with privies literally over-flowing into the streets, and it was not until the mid 1850s that piped water came to the town, along with the first sewers. By the 1870s facilities were expanding, and with this expansion came a new bureaucracy.

An extract from Leicestershire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Leicester

I was born in Belgrave, Holden Street in 1947 I. Have great Memories of those Wonderful days growing up their All the kids in our Street played together outside in all weathers, , In School Holidays we played simple games then,Girls swapped beads and played snobs, double ball and skipping too verses we made (...Read full memory)

Anyone remember Robinson & Pickford's in Leicester. They were a Great company to work for. I met lots of good friends there, I think they also had a making up place in Ibstock !

Any body remember the Kids party at the CO-OP Hall organised by the Railway, which took place each year!

Any one remember Robinson & Pickford in Leicester and Ibstock. Great company to work for. Made many good friends there

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