Memories of Leiston, the Forge c1960

My wifes great great grandfather was a Blacksmith who lived in 14 Eastwood Ho,could he have worked at the old forge,or may be there were more than one. His name David Lankaster.

What a coincidence, as around 1910 the Smithy was owned and run by My Grandfather also named James ,(a family tradition) there exists a buisness directory in the longshop Museum ,listing many Leiston Buisnesses, showing a picture of the Smithy at that time, timber fronted and sign written with his name and listing the many (...Read full memory)

My Granddad William Anderson bought the forge when he moved to Leiston from Surrey after the war with my Nan and three children, my mother Yvonne, aunty Ivy and uncle Billy, where he shod horses in and around Leiston, then he turned his hand to iron work, which enabled him to carry on working until sadly nan died around (...Read full memory)

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