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Caption for Leominster, Corn Square C1955: Notice the old Town Hall on the right hand side of the photograph – now sadly destroyed and replaced by an extremely bland 1960s building. The old timber market hall once stood here, built by John Abel in 1633, with magnificent carving detail. Fortunately Abel's building was bought by John Arkwright, the owner of Hampton Court, and has since been re-erected near the church.

An extract from Herefordshire Living Memories.

Memories of Leominster

There is no corn square in Great Malvern. Have checked the corn market in Worcester and this 'photo is not of that either. Any thoughts?

I am researching my family tree and have discovered that my great-grandfather, Thomas Ashcroft, a besom (broom) maker, lived and made brooms at 122 Mill Street in 1862 before migrating to South Wales. I believe that most of the old Mill Street houses have long since been demolished, I shall visit one day and have look.

I have a picture of a double fronted butchers shop in the corn market. Over the door it says L.Pugh, outside is the butcher and his wife and probably their daughter Marie.  A family story was that a lad from the family when asked who he was replied "Jack Pugh, Leominster, kill sheep"  I assume there was an abbatoir behind (...Read full memory)

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