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Caption for Letchworth Garden City, Spirella Corset Factory 1932: The factory, designed by Cecil Hignett and built between 1912-20, fulfilled Ebenezer Howard's tenet that his Garden City should provide industrial employment and not merely be a dormitory town for London. To William Wallace Kincaid, the American corset manufacturer, Letchworth was the natural choice of site for his first English factory, and it was the city's biggest employer for almost eighty years. With its reinforced concrete and glass structure disguised by brick facings and gabled pavilions, it resembles an updated version of the Arts & Crafts style of architecture.

An extract from Hertfordshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Letchworth Garden City

As I look at this picture of the Letchworth swimming pool and notice the date is c1950… it would be only a few years later (mid 60’s) that my friends and I would cycle there with our towels and trunks fastened to the backs of our bikes (no expensive designer sports bags (...Read full memory)

I lived in Birds Hill (the start of Works Road) just opposite Howard Park. The paddling pool was always emptied at the end of summer but just enough water remained in to make for great slides during winter when the water froze.

Seeing the fountain in this picture brings back childhood memories from the 1950/60s of sailing boats up and down the paddling pool at weekends or when your parents took you down on a sunny afternoon. Summer fetes and funfair on the grass area between the paddling pool and Norton Way South, last but not (...Read full memory)

The swimming pool was a very special place for those of us growing up in the late 40's and early 50's. Summers were spent there, swimming & baking in the sun & drinking hot Oxo. The pool was our main source of activity & many friendships were made whilst keeping us active & (...Read full memory)

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