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Memories of Lindford

I stayed with my Grandfather and Grandmother Group Capt and Mrs Allerston in the 1960's during the Summer Holidays and sometimes at Christmas, I used to love the old big house. There was a big sweeping driveway which went past the front door (which was arched) and around the side of the house, there was a long Laurel (...Read full memory)

I lived at 49 "The Triangle" in the prefabs, just up the road from the stores past the Royal Exchange Pub, from about 1958 -1965. When I first moved there the store was owned by Mr Pears and we called it Pears's Stores. I was friends with Alan Jones whose parents owned the shop down the road to the right in the picture. (...Read full memory)

I too, lived in the Triangle and have very lovely memories of Mr Sewter the milkman who sold the most delicious orange juice, which you were only allowed when ill. And don't forget the horse and cart, Mr Heather the farmer who always wore leather spats, Mr Bone the coalman who lived on Lindford Bridge just passed the (...Read full memory)

The store on the cross roads in Lindford was named Cross Road Stores. My parents bought Cross Road Stores in I think 1962-63 and ran the stores for about 4 years, the stores and the house were very old, I was about 7 or 8 years old when we moved to the stores. The house was 3 floors high, there was an extension built on (...Read full memory)

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