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My mother, Gladys Fordham, was born in Linton in 1903. Her father, Herbert, was a local butcher. As a child in the 1950s, summer holidays would always mean a trip to Linton and I would visit my grandfather at his home behind the shop in the High St. with my aunt, Olive Sadler (nee Fordham).. The family lived at (...Read full memory)

Throughout the first half of the 1950's I would spend every school holiday at Linton, with my maternal grandparents. Initially my mum would accompany me from our home in Trumpington to Drummer Street bus station, where she would place me in the care of the nan would meet me as I got off the bus at The Swan; (...Read full memory)

Hi Carol, I was really fascinated to read about your account of living at 28 The Grip Linton, since I grew up there. My parents Eurof and Dawn Walters moved to the house in 1969/1970 and I was born in November 1970. My parents still live there, although I am now living in Perth, Australia. I have now been in (...Read full memory)

My mother who is Dorothy Tofts (now Dorothy Rouse) was at the college when it opened in 1937. Mr. Tomlinson was Head Master. Mr. Swannel was her music teacher and drama teacher. Her sister Marjorie Tofts got married in 1938 and was the first bride to have her reception held at the college.

I moved into this cottage in 1953 with my parents and older sister. I remember very clearly looking out of the large window in the centre of the cottage wishing I was old enough to go to school with my sister. I was also very envious as she came home from school with a Coronation mug of the Queen and Prince Philip. When we first (...Read full memory)

The photograph shows a shop and house which my grandmother ran between 1931 and 1952. It was then run by my uncle until it was sold as a house in 1979. My grandmother's name was Colville and she ran the shop as a general stores. Before the building was a shop it was a public house called the Axe and Compass and part of the building was a cobblers shop. The building itself goes back to 1599.