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Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories

Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories

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Caption for Liverpool, Bold Street 1887: Bold Street was for many years an elegant and elite shopping area. Here, taste and refinement were more important than price. We can also see St Luke's Church at the top of the street. This church was designed in 1802 by John Foster Senior. It was built by his son John after a lot of trouble in raising sufficient money - this extended the building period. This part of Bold Street once contained a Concert Hall, and in the 1960s the very best coffee bars were here. The street was named after the Bold family, who owned the land when the street was first laid out in the early 1700s.

An extract from Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories.

Memories of Liverpool, Bold Street 1887

I have fond memories of living in Liverpool. I lived behind Hope Street and paced the pavement of Bold Street most days. This is a wonderful picture for me.

I was born in 101 Edinburgh Street in 1943, my parents were Norman and Ellen Harris, i was christened in St Georges Everton, i have fond memorys of Netherfield Road my My Uncle Alec Harris ran the Protestant Reformers in China Street which moved Location to Rose Vale, the people are the salt of the earth.

My first job after leaving Our Lady of Mount Carmel school was in the accounts office of the well known Blacklers Department Store. The office only was located in Bold Street during 1953. The office staff relocated to the main store during 1953/54. I worked with a friend called Margaret Langshaw. We both left to work at (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the cabaret clubs that were so very plentiful in Liverpool in the early 70's - cabaret, bands, single vocalists, comics. all kind of acts. I belonged to several, but the one which I remember best was the Inlanders. Does anyone at all know the whereabouts of the two guys in this band...Gerry Redmond and Brian Campbell?

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