Llangollen, On The Canal 1913

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Memories of Llangollen

I was a member of Ystrad Hall also - I don't remember you Billy Crawford, what year was you there? Llangollen was a great place, I believe there was a lot of child molesting going on that's why you don't hear much about this strange place - It turned out to be a cash cow for the likes of Dick and the Rat ...

I was a pupil at Ystrad Hall and would just like to say that in my time there I have some of the best memories of this lovely little town. I often wonder what became of Ystrad and many of my friends and of course staff members, many of whom were local. The Horseshoe Pass, the castle, fishing in the Dee, the Copper Kettle, I (...Read full memory)

Lets all get together for the music festival

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