Loughborough, Market Street 1949

Memories of Loughborough

Well this is of the corner of the Market Place and the High Street to the right or the A6. They moved Boots further down to the left, now a few buildings down.

Clemersons was a great toy and model shop. I used to go in the 60s upstairs to their model section.

In my final year at Mountfields we were led up to the swimming baths in a long crocodile to be taught how to swim, if we couldn't already. I'd just about learnt to swim the previous summer holiday in Wales, but it felt much easier (& a lot warmer) in the swimming pool. The changing areas were quite primitive. Some (...Read full memory)

This was a wonderful delicatessen (although it would have described itself as "general provisions" or something like that, It had huge cheeses and whole sides of smoked pork and giant hams in the window. It had a unique smell - a mixture of spices, coffee, smoked meat and cheese. NO modern deli comes anywhere near it - apart possibly from Volpetti in Testaccio, Rome.

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