Old Maps of Lytham

Historic Maps of Lytham and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Lytham from other years.

My name is Eileen Turner. I had a sister named Kathleen Turner. If anyone who went here knows me please contact me, I would love to talk to someone who went there. My name is Sophia Ufton. I am writing this on behalf of my mom, thanks.  

Me and my brother went to this home around 1954. I would be 7 and he would be 9; we went on the train from Rochdale. I remember mother giving my older brother 2 half crowns - 5 bob for sweets to last a fortnight. I also remember watching someone peeling tats by putting them in a big drum with sharp edges and turning it like a (...Read full memory)