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I pent 4 months at the gables maldon from september to the aprox 28th december 1949 .is there any one still alive who was staying there at the same time, and do you rememder the twin boys age aprox. 5years old.

born and bred in Maldon 1942 who remembers the safirey coffee bar {used to be noras café) spent many happy hours with my friends there, also what was the name of the pub on the corner of butt lane ,opposite the gables and may and brights and who remembers la pimpernel which in the 50,s was brooks roger clegg

We moved to maldon in 1983 I was three moved from Walthamstow. I'm not going to lie being a teen in a small town is or at least can be mind numbingly boring. So as soon as I could I moved to bigger and better things but guess what as soon as I became a father straight back to maldon. Where else can I bring up my boys that (...Read full memory)

I was at the Gables Boys Home for approx a year and a half, from 1966 to half way through 1967, I was taken there because I was always bunking off school, and the little tin god authorities in those days decided that was best for me. I have great memories of Maldon through the home; the marina which I think is (...Read full memory)

Re Bob Warren. I was 11 yrs old in 1964 but was only there for maybe 6 months. Mr Goslin still had two legs then. I never saw him use the cane but I had a bunch of keys hit me round my head from his wife and a member of staff a few times - but I had that stopped after I had someone in to sort them out. We went on (...Read full memory)

i was sent to The Gables from Boyles Court in Brentwood because I was a bit of a naughty boy. I liked it there, I loved Maldon, it has great memories for me as well as bad ones from the headmaster Mr Gosling becasue he was a one-legged bully, he used the cane very hard and very often, I hated him. I had a friend there called (...Read full memory)

My family and I moved from London in 1955 to Maldon, following a visit the year before with our Sunday School outing, and we moved near to the Prom. We had such happy times living there and as children my friends and I used to roam the Prom, the nearby sea-wall, fields, woods, and country lanes, in fact everywhere, in (...Read full memory)

Many happy childhood weekends were spent on the River Blackwater at the Mill Beach Camp Site with my parents and brother. We often visited Maldon for provisions and I can remember a large "cake shop" on the corner by the bus station? As we came up the hill (what a hill!) a lady on the left always had a different flower (...Read full memory)