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Memories of Margate

My grandma and granddad and my mum and dad with me and my brother who was six years old then and my baby sister spent two weeks in the summer of 66 we was in Margate for two weeks. The weather was glorious and really warm we had travelled from Sheffield at 02:30am from Sheffield Victoria station to Manchester then from (...Read full memory)

My father of 76 yrs has a problem. He has a photo of himself at the Margate winter gardens on a charity night, as he used to box for the army. He was in the boxing ring with a marine in 1957. He had the report from the paper that has since gone missing. The bout he won was in aid of the Cheerful (...Read full memory)

Two of my aunts had guest houses in Cliftonville and every year we ventured from Berkshire by train or by coach via Victoria coach station for our annual holiday in Margate. My memories are simple and straightforward, to me it was the happiest place on earth. From the time I saw the noticeboard in (...Read full memory)

This is a very evocative picture. My parents used to take me on two week long summer holidays to the Kent coast in the 1950s to early 1960s - Margate, Westgate, Broastairs, Birchington. They were exciting times. Although it was only an 80 minute journey from Bromley, where we lived, it was like entering a different (...Read full memory)

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