Old Maps of Middleton Tyas

Historic Maps of Middleton Tyas and the local area.

I remember the Old Maypole that used to stand on the green, I can't remember when it was felled. It seemed huge to me so am thinking that it must have been when I was very young (born 1947). I lived in Green View at the time (now Duccot House). In the mid fifties (I think), a great trench digger (...Read full memory)

I remember my mum working at the Shoulder of Mutton in the 1980s, as me and my sister Kathryn used to help her at weekends. My mum was also dinner lady for the C of E, when I used to attend the school. If anyone remembers my family (Evelyn Allan, Tony Allan, Kathryn Allan, and me Tracey Allan, or even my grandparents (...Read full memory)