Old Maps of Montacute

Historic Maps of Montacute and the local area.

Memories of Montacute

Read and share your memories of Montacute itself or of a particular photo of Montacute.

I have some very fond memories of Montacute when my sister and I were sent to stay with some very distant relatives during the war. We were living in Kent at the time and my mother was very worried for our safety when the blitz of London started and we were sent down to Montacute and stayed with 'Aunt Em' and 'Uncle (...Read full memory)

My family the Draytons lived in Montacute for most of the 1800's. The lived quite a lot of their life in Bishopstone St. If anyone has any more information about what Montacute was like in those times, or about Townsend Poor House Cottages, I'd love to hear from you. Elissa