Memories of Moorsholm

I can remember the late 50s, early 60s, coaches from Scarborough used to stop here, the titles says why, it still brings back my childhood memories when I drive past.

Harry Vaughan (grandad), Jenny Vaughan (grandma) and mum, sister, brother and I lived here. I learned to cycle where the car is. Grandad had a Ford Anglia - remember them? His was a deluxe, you'd have thought he'd won the pools. We had an alsation cross and he got into the farmers chickens. His name was Rex. One (...Read full memory)

I have happy memories of a summer spent with my Nannie and Grandad Gibbs. I remember walking down this street, passing 'Auntie Martha's' to the post office every day with Grandad. He used to buy me chocolate cigarettes every day. I would 'smoke' these on my walk down the lane to the woods with him. I also remember the milk (...Read full memory)

My grandmother was born in Moorsholm but moved to Lingdale when she got married. I remember visiting her all through my childhood and had many fond memories of both villages. At Easter time all the children of the village participated in a church parade and eggs were exchanged between family members. (These (...Read full memory)

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