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I lived in Seymour avenue from 1943-1966. I went to Morden Farm secondary school. 1954-1959. A few of us meet in a reunion once a year. Anybody is welcome from the school. Just get in touch with me. Also I would like to get in touch with Peter Pritchett or Pritchard ? he always called his friends "Ned" and in particular Alan Lewell. From Colin Pike

I remember when Hatfield Mead was just a field, we could see it from our garden in Chalgrove Avenue. Mum was not very pleased when it was built over!

I would love to hear from any body who worked at Electroheating Lombard Estate 1979 to1984.

Joan Springate worked at Kango's she was my ex mother in law !!

Just missed your Dad i started at Kango's March 1965 till August 1970 good days

The Caprice was a rather cool place to hang out back in the 60's. I have no idea what at first attracted myself and my 'best friend' Jean Jones to hang out there. I think her older sister Shirley may have told us about it. We were somewhat fascinated by the 'rockers', and their motorbikes. These were usually parked across the (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1941 my dad bought the house in Lower Morden Lane in 1939,I went to Morden Farm School. Morden was a great place to be as a child I remember starting school and not liking it one bit I only started liking it in the last few years mainly because of the sports which I enjoyed. I went on school trips to Denmark and a (...Read full memory)

Met you Janice Morrison from Hatfeild Mead Morden Surrey during a trip to Zermatt Switzerland in summer 972. We stayed at the same Youth Hostel and talked a whole evening . If you see this drop me a line! Yours Anders

Does anyone remember a 'Residents Club or Working mans' Club somewhere near to Mossville gardens in Morden which was in existence during the l950s and 1960s. They had a dance every Saturday evening with a live band. A group of about 12 boys ad girls used to sit together in one corner - I remember some of their names - (...Read full memory)

Hal's Café, The Caprice, Bernies, were the favoured meeting places for the Motor cycling boys form Morden and the surrounding areas shoving tanners in to the juke box and trying to make a cup of coffee last for about 3 or 4 hours. On balmy evenings we would find ourselves sitting on the bridge on Cannon Hill Common, trying (...Read full memory)